Ask Qualifying Questions to Survey Your Target Market

My husband is a die-hard fan of DC comics. This morning, while having coffee, he told me that he wants to create an online community for DC comics fans. The criteria for this community is that the members should not be restricted to any demographic or gender. Nor should any random person become a member. Now the biggest challenge was how to accomplish this without much hassle?
He had a set of questions ready, based on which it can be decided who can qualify for being a member of this community. The challenge, however, is to design a survey that lets only the respondents who match certain criteria, to become a member. How can this be achieved? Taking a sip of coffee, I said, ‘You need to use – Qualifying Survey.’
What is Qualifying Survey?
Qualifying Survey is a survey designed in an unbiased manner to filter out the respondents who do not match criteria for you desired outcome. If the respondent matches the logic you have created behind the survey, they will be able to become a member of the community.
After I explained what qualifying survey is to my husband, he said, ‘This is a life-saver. I have the questions for the qualifying survey. How do I create the survey and link it to the community?’
Below are the steps:
Step 1. Create the survey (add all the questions and logics) and add a question type ‘Community Recruitment’ which is under ‘Add-on Modules’ from Advanced questions.
Qualifying Survey
Step 2. Go to the settings option for this question, and select the community you want to link this survey to:
Qualifying Survey 2
Step 3. Go to your community and select the option ‘Qualifying Survey’ from Edit. Now enable the option, select your survey and click on Save Settings.

Qualifying Survey 3
Step 4. Your qualifying survey is now linked to your community. You can post the portal link on social media sites, embed it in your website or email it to your friends and relatives.
Below is the invitation for a community – DC Comics Fans – an example I have created for my husband’s project. You can click on the link, and click on ‘Join Now’. On successful completion of the survey, you will receive an email invitation from QuestionPro. Only members who can answer the questions correctly will be redirected to the page asking for information to join the community. Remember, you have to be a DC fan get the questions right in the survey. Answer them and become a member of the community. All the best!