Few Ideas for Your Website Feedback Survey

Are you a little confused by the term "website feedback survey"? Let's clear up the confusion and look at some use-case scenarios for this nifty tool.

feedback_bubblesWebsite feedback

Let's define what we mean by website feedback surveys first. In QuestionPro, a website feedback survey appears as a tab on the side of the page. When clicked, this tab opens to reveal a survey. When a respondent submits the survey, you get to see both the respondent's answers and the URL of the site the survey was on, so that you can know what page the feedback was about.
At first, blush, using a "website feedback survey" sounds like it's only something that can be used by the guys on the web team. Website feedback surveys are best known as the type of survey that is used to get visitors' input on usability elements of their website. The questions typically have something to do with whether or not the visitor found what they were looking for; are the elements on the page easy to identify; could they find the product they wanted to purchase; etc.
However, just because they're called website feedback surveys doesn't mean that's all the utility one can get out of them. Far from it! Let's brainstorm a bit and look at other ways those little feedback tabs could be used.
  • What if you changed the wording on the tab to something like "Special Offer" or even "Coupon" and offered a special coupon for completing the survey?
  • Use that tab to encourage visitors to sign up for your blog or your newsletter, especially if they are already reading your content.
  • Catch your visitors' attention about something they might not know is available, such as a special sale. With the variety of question types available, you can take advantage of the Presentation Text question type to insert some basic information you want your visitors to know, then ask a quick question to keep them engaged (while also getting some feedback on whether that information was helpful or not!).
  • Stuck on ideas for blog topics? Invite ideas from your readers with a website feedback survey!
  • Looking at revamping a product line? How about including a website feedback survey on pages where your product is listed and asking visitors for what they would like to see in the next version of the product?
Website feedback surveys: they're pretty versatile! Get creative with them!