Get Creative With Your Surveys and Blow the Roof off Your Business

Online survey tools have really grown up over the years. It’s time for our understanding of what we can do with online surveys to grow up too.  There are so many creative things that you can do with online survey tools that don’t even look like surveys, but that can really blow the roof off your business. Here are just a few:
1. Online marketing:  Bet you never thought of that!  Surveys are an awesome online marketing tool and the really cool thing about QuestionPro’s integrated survey platform is that you can connect your online survey to your website and embed it in your email marketing messages — all the better to build that close relationship with your audience and get to know them better.
2. Social sharing: You can also extend and build your social profile by using more online surveys and polls. People love taking them and sharing them.  My only tip is to change it up a bit here and there – do both fun polls and surveys as well as serious ones.
3. Infographics: The online marketing gurus are always talking about “repurposing” content.  Well, you can take your online surveys and just click on the Infographic button and BAM!  You’ve got yourself and infographic that is ready to post and share online.
4. Selling more stuff: Your QuestionPro account can link to your SalesForce account and that means that you can take your customer survey results and connect them to actual customer contacts.  That is a huge benefit to your sales folks.  When your sales people can actually see how your customers responded to the surveys you can set yourself apart by having a good understanding of what they need.
5. Lead generation:  One of my favorite ways to use my online surveys is to collect leads at trade shows.  You don’t need an internet connection if you use the mobile SurveyPocket platform.  And if you want to get fancy, you can have your tech folks use the QuestionPro API to have your survey forms connect to your email marketing program.
6. Become an industry expert and resource:  Bet you never thought that you could make money using your online survey platform! If you run surveys within a specific industry, you can create powerful reports and graphics that you can own and sell to other members of your industry.  This will position you as both an industry expert and resource.