4 Tips That Will Guarantee Higher Open Rate For Your Online Survey

Obviously, there are many different ways and channels through which to distribute an online survey, but email still remains the most common form. Email platforms are continuously trying to help you deal with the overwhelming bunch of emails that you receive, thus increasing the likelihood that the online survey you are sending, might get lost on its way, land under promotions tab or in the worst case - in the spam bin.

If you’re a good marketer, you’ll be able to grab receivers attention and get them to open the email you’re sending. If you fail to do so - well, then your marketing campaign is pretty much done, before it even started.

I am sure that I am not the one telling you this first - but the subject line or title are the most important parts of the email you are sending. The subject is the first thing one will see - so spend a decent amount of time to come up with one that grabs attention, and if you can, I would suggest doing A/B testing. Before sending it out, ask yourself these questions:

Does the title spark interest and invite your reader to learn more? Consider yourself first. If this email landed in your inbox, would it grab your attention, and make you want to open it? Think about this well. If you got and email with subject “My boss thinks I am cheating on him,”, would you be tempted to open it? I think the chances are pretty high you would. Especially if the subject line correspondent and informed you that it will talk about employees that used their company’s mail and resource to find better job offers. Title that sparks interest and relevant material.

Try turning something negative into a positive. Yes, emails with negative subject lines tend to have higher open rates. This one, for example, Top 5 Reasons Why Dumb Mistakes Are Teaching Your Competitor Winning Strategies.” This trick works well and is easy to do.

Don’t use CAPS LOCKS.  While we know you want to be heard, but SHOUTING IS NOT THE WAY. Nobody wants to open an email in which somebody is already shouting at them.

Avoid a personalized subject line. There has been a perception going around that including a name in a subject line could help with targeting the market. That is wrong. Instead, the email receivers will most likely think that you are a spammer. Spam experts have a way of getting lists that have the respondent's full name, so if a person receives an email from someone they don’t know, yet it addresses them by name - they will immediately mark them as spam. Thus, avoid using the first name by all means, unless it is really someone you know personally.

Another way of encouraging respondents to take your surveys is by adding a controversial spin to your surveys. Work on the title that could get their attention, and inspires interest to open it. This might actually lead them to answer the survey and sharing their opinions on the subject. The comments and answers might not be all positive and first, and they don’t have to be. But you’ll have an engaged your audience further leading to more interest and potentially higher response rate.

Now that you've got down how to get people to open your email, make sure that your survey is worth opening with having written great survey questions.


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