5 tips for your survey introduction and higher response rate

You’re ready to do your research and start conducting a survey. Great! But before you start, there is a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” you should consider, if you want to get valuable data. After all, you are asking your customers, users or partners, to spend their time taking your survey and giving you feedback. You should bear in mind that they are doing you a favor in order for you to improve, and in mosts cases they don't get any real tangible or immediate benefit for doing so. Therefore, be a dear, and make it as easy as possible for them.

The best way to assure that users do spend the 10/20 minutes of their time taking the survey is to put together an “Intro” page introducing the survey and telling your respondents:

      1. Why are you gathering the feedback?
      2. Explaining the privacy policy and statement to them.

The main message you want to get across in your “Intro” page is:

  1. WHY are you doing this research and conducting the survey? To get better customer insights, to improve the product, perhaps?
  2. How LONG will it take to complete the survey? You are asking respondents to give up their time - it is more likely that they will commit knowing how quickly they will be done with it, right?
  3. Your PRIVACY STATEMENT - Who will be able to access the survey data? Do respondents remain anonymous? Will their privacy be protected?
  4. Are you planning on rewarding your respondents? Clearly explain any INCENTIVES that you plan on giving. We would suggest adding an image of the particular incentive - we all like to put our eyes on the prize. This will help you increase the response and participation rate. 
  5. And last but not least - be clear on WHAT TO DO NEXT. You have to guide the respondents in the easiest way possible. Explain that they need to click the “Continue” or “Submit” button in order to take the survey. Make it clear, how to avoid the survey if a respondent does not wish to take it.

When designing your survey, think about it as inviting someone to spend time with you. You have to be welcoming, warm, authentic and honest. This article can be additional help for you to create introduction for your survey and generally better survey design. Bear in mind - sloppy surveys = sloppy data + brand dilution. Not spending enough time designing a good survey will end up wasting your time, respondent time, monetary resources and generate a negative impact on your brand. Follow these rules, create a survey and start gathering valuable insights now!