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Top 10 Benefits of an Online Community Panel for Small Businesses

Smart Insights recently released digital marketing statistics revealing almost three billion people around the world, 40% of the global population, are using the internet, one in three of all those living in developing countries. There are so many different ways that small businesses can take advantage of this vast internet audience and one of the best is through online community research panels.

Along with the continued growth and popularity of the internet is the prevalence of social media platforms. Think of an online community panel as a way of having your very own niche in this online universe whose users are networking on your behalf. In that regard, here are the top ten ways that successfully running one of these panels can benefit your small business:

#1 - Omnipresent and Available

Panel information, survey results, general discussions, opinions, feedback and suggestions are available 24/7 from almost anywhere in the world.

#2 - Interest and Investment

People who sign up to be on a panel will do so out of interest in the product or service and therefore they feel more invested in business itself.

#3 - Cheaper and Faster

Surveying this omnipresent audience is quicker and less expensive than traditional market research options getting responses in real time rather than waiting for polling results to arrive.

#4 - Care and Concern

The simple fact that your organization has an online panel shows both its members and other consumers that you care about their concerns, opinions, ideas and suggestions.

#5 - Promote and Support

Members of the panel community become an advocate for your brand by promoting and supporting your firm.

#6 - Improve and Inform

Having the panel discussions and information available to everyone on your company’s team helps them participate and stay more focused on improving customer service.

#7 - Trends and Attitudes

Online communities keep their fingers on the pulse of the internet and stay abreast of new trends, changing attitudes and behaviors that are immediately viewable without searching and scanning other relevant sites.

#8 - Awaiting and Engaged

Community members are more engaged and are generally awaiting the chance to participate in new surveys, offer their opinions and give their feedback on a new product or service.

#9 - Recognized and Unbiased

Since panel members are not overly compensated for their time and efforts other than some small incentives and rewards, the data and information they deliver is seen as more reliable and accurate.

#10 -  Past and Future

As the panel itself and its members continue to mature, you’ll have the ability to perform research and examine analytics on how any number of factors have changed over the years.

An online community panel is a very affordable option for many small businesses today. Even hiring a professional survey team is more reasonably priced than one might assume. Contact us today for information on how you can help your business better listen to their customers, learn from them, improve your products or services and continue to grow.


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