How to Optimize Omni-channel Engagement with Actionable Consumer Insights

Using all the channels at our disposal—mobile, social media, direct mail, television and more—marketers are reaching and succeeding with a specialized marketing strategy, Omnibus. Also known as Omni-channel marketing, this strategy seeks to provide consumers with the best possible shopping experience in a seamless process that can be found on e-commerce sites as well as brick and mortar store locations.

According to research, seven out of ten companies feel that having an Omni-channel strategy that consistently delivers more personalized and satisfying experiences with customers and prospects across multiple touch points is important, very important or critical. Only a mere 14% of respondents felt that having this strategy was not important.

As a market researcher, using an omnibus strategy, you should spend your efforts on four key initiatives. These will help your strategy truly take flight on these many available channels to connect better with consumers.


Especially when it comes to content marketing and messaging, you should be limitless in many different ways. For example, an abandoned item left in a shopping cart is viewable on many devices, from mobile to desktop. A potential customer can then be reached in multiple ways using different channels and approaches. A personalized reminder can be sent via email, a connection made on social media or a last ditch effort sent through a text message.

Since most consumers have multiple ways they enrich their lives with technology, the pathways and channels used to reach them should also be numerous. Also, don’t put a limit on consumer-oriented use cases that can better define your strategy and ultimately enable you to reach goals.


Big data and analytics are everywhere nowadays and these are valuable resources for measuring results and redefining strategies. Data that shows when and where customers are shopping, what prices they are willing to pay, the devices they are utilizing and social platforms they are visiting are all important avenues to investigate.

Examining and evaluating consumer’s behaviors and patterns will make us better understand what motivates them on their buying journey. When we realize what influences their purchasing decisions, we can forge a better pathway to lead them to a successful end in their buying process with a conversion.


Even more important data is found when we segment our audience into important categories such as age, gender, geographic location and income. Building these buyer personas is the effective way to target them and offer more personalized data that is customized to better connect with them.


One of the best approaches to getting started with Omni-channel marketing is by surveying your potential audience. An Omnibus survey will quantify research from a number of different arenas and deliver a wide variety of data collected from a single interview with a prospect. Also called a “piggyback” survey, respondents are reached by several companies or businesses who all share the burden of cost, which makes this option more affordable than ever. Find out how to get started implementing your Omni-channel strategies today by clicking the button below.