3 Things Your Boss Doesn't Know About Employee Engagement

We are now full swing into 2015, and your employees are feeling it. They’re tired, looking forward to their vacation, and are lamenting the fact that the major holiday season is still too far away to reasonably looking forward to.

Today’s employees need someone to listen to them, just as the average employee has throughout history. What’s different about now, is that the average boss wants to listen. Not hearing the concerns of the employees can be a major productivity killer, but there are still major misperceptions about employee engagement floating about today—things that your boss may not know.

Employees Aren't as Engaged

Why? Business is great, and everyone seems happy in the break room, but what many bosses don’t know is that their employees want to talk! Whether that be about the lack of support they are receiving from a particular department, or a workplace squabble, there are far too many instances where employees don’t feel they have an opportunity to speak up.

The Feedback Culture is Lacking

As Sal Falletta, EVP & MD of Organizational Intelligence Institute noted, creating an environment where employees not only know that their thoughts and opinions matter, but are taken seriously by the company, is vital to the ability of the company to properly enact with their employees.

“This is a culture that is conducive to pulsing their workforce on a regular basis but more importantly you have to demonstrate the willingness to take action on these results,” said Falletta.

The fact remains obvious: employees will divulge only the amount of information that they feel comfortable giving. There are numerous factors that go into this, and all of them will affect the average employee’s respective response. But by creating an environment where feedback is not only permitted—but encouraged on a regular basis—companies can rely on the feedback that they receive to reflect what their employees are actually thinking.

The Employees are Overwhelmed

While the saying goes, “knowing is half the battle,” it doesn’t account for what isn’t known. If a boss knows that he or she needs to engage their employees to best understand how they are operating, they feel as if this will somehow remedy whatever issues they perceive to be present in the environment.

What they are failing to see, however, is that their employees are already stretched too-thin, and the act of taking part of their day to discuss things that they feel won’t be taken seriously, or don’t matter, will only make them less efficient.

The Best Tools Available

Just as there are the bosses that assume their weekly sweep of the cubicles will suffice as employee engagement, there are also the bosses that feel as if they need to really understand what their employees are thinking. When it comes to employee engagement, most bosses don’t understand the tools available to them.

FlashLet, for example, gathers information from employees via frequent bite-sized questionnaires that serve to collect relevant information from day-to-day, but also does not bother the employees into feeling like they are being pestered by their bosses. By gathering this information, the company will be able to see how an individual’s work/life progresses, and how they can make it more efficient.

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