3 Infographics on Consumer Buying Practices

The consumer decision journey is a sophisticated approach to help market researchers navigate through a narrative that has many factors. Ranging from geographic location, media outlet, Internet access and of course product choices, the journey is now moving outside the purchasing funnel. If marketing has one objective, it is to seek out those moments where consumers are most open to influence.

Research shows that 42% of businesses are planning to make personalized enhancements to their products and services over the next 18 months. Personalizing the consumer’s buying experience is key to discovering when they are most influenced in their decision journey.

To help you better under the journey, we've found three infographics that explain the evolution of consumer buying practices, what's influencing purchase decisions today and which omni-channel platforms are driving those purchases. 

1. "The Big Influence," by Hubspot:

How People Buy: Evolution of Consumer Purchasing

2. "What's Influencing Purchase," by Smart Insights:

3. "Building the B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform of the Future," by Accenture:


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