Feature Spotlight: Scoring Logic To Implement Branching

Basics to implement scoring logic in survey

In our latest software release, Survey Analytics adds the flexibility to implement branching logic and direct the path of your respondent during the survey, based on the dynamic scoring. Depending upon the answers chosen, the dynamic score is calculated and you can direct respondents to different paths using the Scoring Logic. The real-time scoring logic offers more control, flexibility and ease to selectively display questions to the target group of respondents. This is one of the most useful way to implement branch logic when the question set needs to be displayed based on the answer choice.
This feature spotlight describes how to implement scoring logic for multiple choice question type in detail. Please login to your Survey Analytics account and follow the following steps to learn how to implement branches using scoring logic.

Setting up Scoring Logic

1. Click on your preferred saved ‘Survey Name’  and  click on ‘Logic’ on the right for any multiple choice question. From the left navigation menu, choose ‘Scoring’ to start configuring scoring logic, as shown in the following image.

Setting up scoring logic

2. Assign ‘Score Value’ to each of the response options available. You can assign a positive value, a zero or even a negative value. In the given example, we are trying to measure the health score of the respondent. So, we assigned a negative value to unhealthy option, 0 to not-so-healthy option and a positive value to more healthier options available.

Deciding score value for initiating scoring logic

3. Click on the ‘Score computation for this question’ and make it ON. Set up your scoring logic to branch and set different path routes for the respondents. In the given example, if the score is between -1 and 1, the respondent will be directed to a thank-you page, while he will continue to fill in survey if the score is between 1 and 3. Click on ‘Save Logic’ to save your settings.

Adding range to scoring logic

You can also store the score in a custom variable.  If required, you can also choose to display the score of the respondent in the thank-you page.

Ready to exploit scoring logic in your survey, click on the following button to start with a FREE trial or let us know if you have any questions. We would be more than happy to help you implement scoring logic.