Gold and Coffee: The Solutions for Analyzing Raw Data?

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Analogies are imminently helpful when an IT professional wants to teach a general user what their product or service actually accomplishes. Ritvij Gautam, the CEO and Co-founder of TryMyUI, seems to have mastered that type of communication. Gautam has two analogies that are especially helpful in relation to data visualization: gold and coffee.

Before mining for gold and pressing for coffee, you should know that TryMyUI is a data analytics firm that helps companies see precisely how their websites are being used. Their newest service, UXCrowd, crowdsources the problem of needing people to pore through hundreds of hours of user interface (UI) usability testing videos.

When it comes to the major challenges of sorting through so much raw data, Gautum offered the first of his two helpful analogies:

“Raw data is raw data. It's like mining raw ore—like gold ore from soil. It's chunky. It has gold in it, but you have to shave off it. You have to clean it up. You have to pull it out. You have to polish that gold, and lay it out into gold sheets. All of that process is data visualization, and it's obviously like data analytics. You're cleaning it up."

Gautam then used another analogy that’s likely closer to the hearts of millions of tech workers and technology users across the globe: coffee. A person can eat coffee beans, but the process of grinding the beans and extracting their essence is what makes for a delectable cup of coffee. In the same way, TryMyUI and CrowdUX work to extract “condensed insights” from the hundreds of hours of UI videos that they receive on a daily basis.

TryMyUI does the hard work of data-mining so that they can provide “gold” to their clients. Or, one could say that TryMyUI does the time-consuming work of data extraction so that they can provide what their customers’ customers actually want: a more usable, and dare say it, tasty website.

To see how TryMyUI might benefit your business, visit, connect with them on Twitter @TryMyUI, or watch this informative video on how UXCrowd works.

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