Three Things You Must Definitely Know This Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Engagement on Appreciation Day

Party, celebrate, appreciate and show love to your employees on this Employee Appreciation Day on March 6th. But then, there is much more that senior business leaders, decision makers, business owners, and each of us should know about making our employees more happy, satisfied and engaged.  Here are 3 easy-to-implement practices, which you must know and follow to increase the efficiency and productivity of employees as well as your organization. Key to boast the employee engagement and organizational health is right here!

#1 Think and Measure Elementally

Does your employees really know, align and value elements like company’s mission, vision, adaptability, consistency and many such others?  Do you even know how many and which of your employees care about these ? No wonder that all these factors have a strong impact on your company’s health and employees engagement. But you need to measure their sentiments correctly in order to improve on these.

Organizational Health Index score card may help you to measure the organization’s health on all of these elements. Overall health index of the organization is estimated through various multiple questions asked periodically. The score-card also provides information on response rate, distribution factor and industry benchmarks.

Make sure that you measure, evaluate and analyze your company’s health using this helpful technique. Need help or want to know more about OHI Score card, attend the webinar on this Thursday. Click to Register here.

Company health score card

 Sample Organization Health Score Card Template

#2 Engage at 360° Level

Gone are the days when an individual has to work only for his manager. In today’s scenario, an employee has to interact with many cross functional business unit teams, work along with his team-members and may have several reportees too. He is directly or indirectly making an impact on the work culture and ethics for everyone around his workspace. Are you still measuring an employee’s performance with manager’s inputs only? Have you included his peers? Does reportees have a say in his performance ?

Listening to the voice of everyone around an employee at his workspace is a definite must. Want to know more on how to measure 360° performance of an employee for better engagement and retention, register for the webinar this Thursday. Click to Register Now.

360 degree employee survey

Sample Employee 360 Degree Survey Template

#3 Granular Reporting

An employee must be evaluated on several parameters and there should not be only a single question associated with it. Responses should be asked in a fashion similar to any psychometric tests, where a couple of related questions on single parameter is asked. This is to make sure that any human direct errors are ruled out.

So, make it a point that you ask sufficient questions on each skill sets, analyze data and report it properly. Include peers, self and reportees score to generate a weighted score for an individual’s performance. Know more about the right reporting style at the webinar on this Thursday. Register here.

Employee Engagement Improvement
Sample Employee Engagement Reporting Template

Survey Analytics is conducting a Free Webinar on "Employee Engagement: Measure to Succeed" on Thursday, March 5th. Learn how to measure and improve the employee engagement in your current organization. Register now by clicking below. Don't forget to refer it to the HR in your organization too.