Two Insights to Building Community in the Workplace

The roadmap to building a successful company is never straight. There are always forks in the road and wrong turns taken. So what keeps us going when we are faced with difficult decisions and hard work ahead? One key element is having a strong sense of community in the workplace.

The foundation to building a successful company is community, and to establish community you have to start with people. And for two weeks our Chief Growth Officer, John Johnson (or JJ), was doing just that for our India office in Pune. He’s sometimes called the “VP of People” as he has a way with listening, encouraging and inspiring our people across the world. At the end of his time in India, John offered two key insights to the team on what it takes to succeed.

Employees are the heartbeat of any company. Forging and then sustaining a passionate team is a major component for success and can be an invaluable characteristic that propels products and services into actual revenue. Employees will want to rally behind their company when they feel their creativity has been valued.  

When there’s hard work ahead,  having the passion to tackle an obstacle is just the beginning. Helping aim your employees’ passions in a direction that allows them to build amazing products is what follows.  

The fabric of any great company success is rooted in passionately creating amazing things. Providing the right kind of encouragement to your employees can drive quality outcomes for your company. But creating a community built on employee engagement is hard. If you’re looking to gain insight on how to build a better employee community, we’ve got a few experts talking about it in our next webinar, "Employee Engagement: Measure to Success."