Taking Your Business From Worst to First

Are your employees truly happy at work? Are they really productive or just putting out the bare minimum in order to get by while constantly watching the clock waiting to punch out for the day? If workers aren’t truly happy and engaged, why should you care?

If you don’t care, your business bank account certainly does, since disengaged employees are leaching hundreds of billions of dollars from businesses annually. These detached employees should be flying high instead of flopping behind their desks.

Don’t Blame the Employee

Huffington Post published some “Disturbing Facts About Employee Engagement” recently. An infographic points to the fact that over 80% of employees and their managers are not passionate about their work costing the US over $500 billion, in lost revenues annually. Ouch. And while almost 90% of employers believe that workers are leaving for more money, when in fact, only 12% of them are seeking a bigger paycheck. Employees are not quitting their jobs, 75% of them are actually ditching their bosses!

Huffington goes on to say that over the past year, high-level management is doing more to reinvent surveys that reach out to employees. These surveys can can actually help boost employee engagement and improve morale.

And The Survey Says …

Maybe you’re thinking, what does a survey have to do with better engagement in the workplace. This feedback not only makes the employee feel more involved and connected with the company, it offers management real time data about the internal health of their organization. 

Calculate the Savings

There are a number of online calculators available, like those that will calculate interest and payments for a small business loan for example, but Office Vibe offers a different kind of tally. 
With their Employee Engagement ROI calculator, you can enter in some basic company information, number of employees, average salary, turnover rate and compute potential savings. Here you can get a feeling for how much disenchantment is costing your company.

Do Something About It

To learn how you can save your business valuable time and money, implement a successful strategy and foster an environment of better employee engagement, Survey Analytics is hosting a webinar that will lead a path to highly-engaged employees who, according to a Gallup poll:
  • Have a 37% lower absentee rate
  • Create 41% fewer product defects
  • Have 21% higher productivity
  • The company enjoys 22% bigger profits

In just one hour, you’ll learn from the pros how to put a community spirit back into your workforce. Instead of looking for ways to get off work early, employees will be looking out for your bottom line. Putting the passion back into the working environment is challenging, but it can be accomplished with some valuable insights from Survey Analytics webinar in just one hour.

To join this free event, Employee Engagement: Measure to Succeed, on Thursday, March 5th from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, please sign up here.

The CEO of Survey Analytics, Vivek Bhaskaran will be joined by HR experts Neil Bondy, former chairman of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) and Sal Falletta, from the Organizational Intelligence Institute.