Breakfast at PERPi – Survey Analytics Director of Solutions, Colin Wong to Present

We are always looking to connect with great organizations that bring people together to champion the market research industry — and PERPi does just that. Short for Perhimpunan Riset Pemasaran Indonesia, PERPi continuously helps train, develop and monitor all levels of knowledge about market research and the software used in the industry.

This year, Survey Analytics Director of Solutions, Colin Wong, will be presenting at the PERPi Breakfast Meeting on Tuesday, February 17th. At the breakfast, Colin will be showcasing some of Survey Analytics’ products and services such as:

For the most part, everyone at PERPi hopes to see a few familiar faces and meet some new ones, but most come for the learning experiences and the opportunities to enhance your business skills. As for us, we are excited to be surrounded by smart market research companies in a location flowing with opportunity. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone who is planning on attending.

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