Feature Spotlight: Enhanced New Survey Creation Process Flow

Creating new online survey made easier and interactive
Creating a new online survey is much easier and user-friendly with the latest enhancements made in our latest release. Survey Analytics simplifies the new survey creation process with enhanced UI, interactive features and reusability.

Please login to your Survey Analytics account and repeat the following steps to take a tour of much more interactive and friendly way to create a new online survey. 

1. Once you click ‘Create New Survey’ at the top right, the pop up window will appear with all new enhanced look. Theme carousel with new theme images, notifications and modified layout are some major enhancements.

Layout and Notifications in Online Survey

2. Click on ‘Import Word Document’ to find a new user friendly way to upload a word document using easy drag and drop.

Import word template in online survey

3. When you click on ‘Copy Template’, each given template will display the number of questions available in it. Also, a ‘Preview’ button is added to better understand how these questions and corresponding responses will look in the final survey.  

Prebuilt templates to be used in online survey

4. Once you click the ‘Create Survey’ with initial settings, a pop up window will appear with three tabs on it. Click ‘Survey / Library Questions’ to choose questions from any of your earlier survey and reuse it in the new one.

Reusability in online survey for questions

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