Feature Spotlight: Enable Minimum Quota Enhancements

Ehanced Quota Control for Online Surveys
In our latest software release, Survey Analytics makes controlling the number of responses per answer a lot easier with our user friendly enhancements to ‘Enable Minimum Quota' feature.  Please make a note that this feature is only applicable for multi-select questions in your survey. This feature allows the respondent to continue the survey till the quota set for all the chosen responses in question is not full i.e, if the respondent chooses two options for a multi-select question, and the quota is full for one of the choice but not full for the second option, the respondent still can continue and take in the survey.

This feature spotlight discusses enable minimum quota for multi-select questions in detail.

Please login to your Survey Analytics account and follow the following steps to have a look on the new enhanced feature. 

  1. Click on your preferred saved ‘Survey Name’  and  click on ‘Logic’ on the right for any multi-select question.
Minimum Quota Control logic for Multi-select questions

2. Click on ‘Quota Control’ on the left taskbar. You will notice a new “Enable Minimum Quota” status bar. It is a toggle button. Click on it to start using enable minimum quota feature.
Toggle Button for Minimum Quota Control

3. Click on the check-box for ‘Enable Quota’ for your required choices,  fill in the desired quota limits. Select your branching option, if quota exceeds, from the drop down menu in the last column and click on ‘Save Logic’.
Branching Control for Minimum Quota

In the above example, let’s assume 20 respondents have already chosen Visa card and 30 have chosen American Express card. Now, if a new respondent choose Visa card and American Express, he will still be allowed to complete the survey irrespective of the fact that the quota limit for Visa has been been reached. This is simply because quota limit for American Express is still not full.

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