Feature Spotlight: Map Question Type Enhancements

Improved Map Question Type for Online Surveys

In the latest release, Survey Analytics enhances the experience of map question types, making your surveys more interactive, intuitive and fun to take in. Now, respondent can more easily choose an option for the geographical based responses.  You can embed an interactive map in your question for either of these locations - United States (all states), United Kingdom, Australia, India, China, Brazil, Russia or Africa(continent). This feature spotlight discusses our latest enhancement for the map question types  in detail.

Please login to your Survey Analytics account and follow the following steps to add enhanced map question types in your survey.

  1. Click on your preferred saved ‘Survey Name’  and  click ‘Add New Question’ on the right. A pop up with all supported question types will appear and choose ‘Maps’ under ‘Multiple Choice’.
Add Map Question Type

2. Enter your question in “Question Text” text bar. Click on the drop down menu for ‘Map Options’, choose any required location and click ‘Save Question’.  
Available Locations in a Map

3. Now, you can experience the new enhanced UI for map question types - your response being highlighted with a contrast color.  
Responsive Survey Map
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