Feature Spotlight: Language Translation Enhancement

With our latest software version 6.8, Survey Analytics makes the designing of a multilingual survey easier and more interactive for our customers.The updated user interface lets the user add translations easier than ever and monitor the progress of translation process at multiple points.This feature spotlight discusses all language translation enhancements, made in our latest update. Click here to watch an overview video on the language translation enhancement feature.

To design a multilingual survey, login to your Survey Analytics account and please follow the following steps- 

1. Go to “Edit Survey” menu and choose “Languages” from the taskbar on the left. Click on “Set Your Default Language” and choose a default language based on your requirements.You can choose from more than 40 languages- including chinese, Japanese i.e, multibyte character set languages.

2. Now, click on “Add Other Languages” to add all other languages you would like to take the survey in. You can even add more than one language.

You can monitor the translation process at three different places - General Text Translations, Questions & Response Translations, and Overall Translation. At this moment, each tracker shows 0% in the following image. Click on “Get Quote” to get help from our subject matter experts for any of your translation service needs. 

3. Click on “Edit Survey” menu and choose “Add/Edit Questions” from the taskbar on the left. Now, click the edit button for each individual question. The blue status bar on the left indicates the number of surveys completed by the user. Here, ‘0’ in the status bar specifies that zero survey has been completed by the user. 

4. Click on “Language Version” and choose the language from drop down menu. Enter the appropriate translated text and click on “Save Question” button.

5. Now, go to “Languages” taskbar to monitor the translation progress at multiple points. A green right mark against each question indicates respective question and responses has been translated completely.

6. There is also an additional way to add the translated text for a question and its responses, other than the one mentioned in Step 4. Click on the drop down button on appropriate question and enter the relevant translation here. Click “Save Question” once you are finished adding the complete translated text.

Once you are finished adding translations for all your questions and responses, your multilingual survey is ready to launch. Create your multilingual survey right now using our all featured enabled 14 days free trial license.


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