Feature Spotlight: Advanced Discussion Enhancements for QualStorm

Survey Analytics introduces highly advanced features to make QualStorm, the live discussion platform, more responsive and easier to manage through our software version 6.8. New advanced features like private messages, live discussion tagging, and message filtering will enhance user experience during the live discussion. This feature spotlight provides a detailed overview of all the new features. You can also watch and listen to an overview video on the advanced discussion enhancements by clicking here.

Please start an active community panel discussion by following these steps -   

1. Please make sure that ‘Discussions’,‘Community Questions’, and ‘Live Discussions’ are ON in ‘Community Modules’ under ‘Advanced Settings’.

2. First, click on ‘Modules’ on the left and go to ‘Discussions’. Click ‘Schedule Live Discussion’ on the top right and select one of the discussion.

Once you enter an active discussion, you can experience all the three enhancements as follows -

1. Private Messaging

During a live discussion, the moderator can now send a private message to any individual member of the panel discussion. The message will be available only to the moderator and the recipient. Thus, it will help both of these participants to discuss an issue concurrently with more details. While it increases the quality of response and discussion, it will also save time.

To start sending a private message, select a participant from the list on the left, and click on the mail icon to mark it as a private message.A pop-up window will appear to let you type your message and start a private conversation.

2. Live Discussion Tagging

A moderator can now manage and tag comments during a live panel discussion based on his preferences. This will help him categorize and sort the responses for his current and future needs. It will save the enormous amount of time for the moderator, when he is need to search for some specific response, say after 10 days. The feature is as easy to use as tagging your emails in your inbox for better management during future reference.

Click on the “Add Tag’ on the respective comment of the user and tag this response based on your preference. You can also delete the tag if required.

3. Message Filtering
Message filtering is very simple but really useful feature. You can now filter the messages by respondents during a live discussion. Choose a participant and visualize the data specifically for him.

To filter the responses based on a participant, click on the filter icon on the right top.

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