Product Release: Survey Analytics Version 6.1 Release

We are getting James #Francoed in the latest release of Version 6.1 of the Survey Analytics Platform. See some of the enhancements and updates in the email below. A big shoutout to the development team for really kicking it up a notch with major UI and UX enhancements that can be seen in every aspect of the software. Our goal is to make the tool as intuitive as possible so you can build, deploy and analyze your data easily. 
Survey Analytics Core Features and Enhancements:
Survey Creation Enhancements
  • Scrolling carousel theme options
  • New smiley face icons
  • Compact view option now available on add/edit page
  • Folder settings replaced by settings icon
  • Moved download, search & replace, and logic analysis to add/edit page
  • Easily add piping codes at any part of a survey template
  • Scale library to close ended question types


Analytics Updates & My Account Settings
  • Updated license and usage dashboard
  • Added real-time dashboard option, enabling dashboard reports to update in real-time
  • Single click filter options on dashboard reports

Communities Enhancement
  • Sub-sampling options for Panel/Communities
  • New workflow for approving redemption requests

SurveyPocket Maintenance:
  • SurveyPocket Version 6.3 on Android is now available in the Google Play store for download or updates. If you are using an Android tablet, make sure to upgrade to the newest version to experience the changes we've made. Some updates include:
    • New User Experience to questions, settings, and more
      • New sliding menu animation
      • Color preferences for Start and Cancel buttons
      • "About" and "Settings" page reformat
      • New custom font across the app
      • Added animation on survey index and for multiple questions on a page
    • Crash report enhancement
    • Added row highlights for single and multi-select questions 
    • Added auto-advance feature for single select question
Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or report any issues you may have with the latest release of our product. We are happy to help and continuously improve the tools you need to be effective. Thanks to the development team for their continuous hard work! If you would like to take the James Franco survey, go here.
Other Fixes:
  • Slider questions on Internet Explorer
  • Removed Compact View from Default
  • Image information now displayed for dashboard reports
  • Added translation keys for save and continue buttons
  • Fixed dashboard filter options for shared reports and PDF exports