Top 5 Infographics of the Week: iOS 8

Apple's iOS 8 was just released mid-last week, with the iPhone 6 following a few days after. iOS 8 boasts a ton of new features, including an improved spotlight search, new notification center, and more options for the camera and photo editing. But before you go reaching for your phones to get the update, consider that it will take up to about 2 GB on your phone (and even more if done over wifi). If you have an older iPhone model, your phone could get buggy and drastically slower, forcing you to buy the new phone. This presents tremendous opportunities for developers, but it also means a lot of work for them updating applications for the new interface. We've rounded up 5 of the best infographics on iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 and presented them for you here to enjoy, so take a look!

#1: Launching iOS 8 by Nerdery
  • 9 out of 10 Apple users updates their OS within 90 days of iOS 7's launch. We are expecting the same adoption rates for iOS 8 as well. 
  • There will be 11 cleared devices for the iOS 8 launch. Some will utilize more features than others, but nevertheless most will be running the latest operating system. 
  • Contextually aware apps are some of the most
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Launching iOS 8

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#2: The Evolution of iOS from iOS 1 - iOS 8 by 7DayShop
  • The first OS was called "iPhone OS" and had no support for native 3rd party apps. 
  • The iPad debuted in iOS 3 and they called it "iOS meets the big screen".
  • The iPhone 6's camera sensors have been upgraded from "focus pixel" to DSLR-like photo quality. 
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The Evolution of iOS

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#3: iOS 8 - Say Goodbye to Your Data by wondershare
  • After the iOS 7 update, over 20,000 people lost their data when upgrading their device. 
  • Before upgrading to iOS 8, consider that the upgrade requires at least 2GB of storage space, and when done over wifi even more. 
  • There are also many options for transferring data to a new iPhone 6 as well as data destruction.
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iOS 8

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#4: iWant - Features People Want in an iPhone 6 by ebay
  • The top 3 features people look for in a new iPhone is a crack resistant screen, a longer lasting battery, and water resistance. 
  • Men are one and a half times more likely than women to want features including a removable battery, mobile wallet, and a sapphire glass screen.
  • The way iPhones are used now is very interesting as well. 36% of males and 48% of females use it for Facebook, 73% of males prefer voice calls, 81% of females prefer SMS/text messages, and Apple users are browsing the internet more than other phone users. 
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iWant: Features People Want in an iPhone 6

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#5: How Much Innovation Was There in Each iPhone Model by Ruby Media Corporation and
  • Surprisingly, the iPhone 4 had by far the most number of new innovations in all of the iPhone models, with 12 complete new features. 
  • In first quarter 2011, Apple overook Nokia as the world's largest handset vendor by revenue. 
  • The world's first smartphone came out in 1994 by IBM and it was called Simon. It had a touchscreen that could send emails, write notes, and manage a calendar!
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How Much Innovation Was There in Each iPhone Model

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