Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Last week the Survey Analytics office located in Pune, India hosted a fun team building activity and group dinner to blow off some steam and have a little fun. We wanted to share their festivities and pictures with you, because we think a lot can be learned from this kind of leadership and camaraderie in the workplace. When you take a bit of time to step away from the computer and socialize with your fellow teammates, a lot can be gained. After all, it's teamwork that makes the dream work!

Priyanka came up with the idea for the team building game that they played called "Comment Upon a Friend". Here are the rules:
- Divide yourselves into 2 or 3 groups
- Everyone will receive a sheet of paper

- Sit in a circle with that sheet of paper and a pen or pencil

- Each person should then write his/her name at the top of the paper

- Then pass the paper to the person on your right

- Each person then writes one positive characteristic of the person whose name is at the top of the paper

- Don't forget to write your own name (the name of the commenter)

- The characteristics should not be repeated. You should write unique qualities for each person

- Keep it short and sweet. After a maximum of 60 seconds for each person, pass the sheet to the next person on your right, making it around the circle

- Continue until everyone has written something nice on each person's piece of paper

- The final step is that everyone receives their original piece of paper back again

- Then everyone reads out loud what was written about them to others

The feedback we got from the team was very positive. Everyone enjoyed reading positive things about themselves and seeing what their co-workers thought of them. After the game, they enjoyed a nice snack of samosas and dhokla with refreshments, and a few rounds of table tennis. Take a look at the meal they had and some action shots of the games below.

Behold, the Survey Analytics Table Tennis League

Playing a few rounds of table tennis

A traditional Indian snack of Samosas and Dhokla

A team that eats together stays together

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