Sneak Peek at New User Friendly Features Added in Survey Analytics 5.2

On Monday, August 4th, Survey Analytics version 5.2 is coming out live. But first, we wanted to address a couple of user friendly enhancements we have coming your way! While we have been diligently listening to all of our valued customers, we learned that even small things like the left hand navigation menus and auto generated report names upon data export actually turned out to be a couple of major pain points. Based on that feedback, we have fixed both issues to provide a better experience moving forward. Continue reading for a sneak peek Survey Analytics 5.2.

New and Improved User Friendly Left Navigation Menus

We've made some changes to our navigation. As you can see below, the old navigation had a lot going on, many links, a lot of text and tedious scrolling. Now we have made these menus collapsable on default to clean up your overall experience. We left the most prominent used features you need to access open towards the top of the navigation, too.


More Friendly E-mail Subject Lines, File Downloads and Report Names

Secondly, we have made some changes to our data export report titles and e-mail notifications. Now when you export a report of your survey data from Survey Analytics, the file name will include details from the survey to help you stay organized. That will also be the e-mail subject line if you choose to receive your reports by e-mail. An example of a new report name can be seen below.

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