Feature Spotlight: Consolidated Reporting

Today's feature spotlight is on consolidated reporting. This is one of the most appreciated features we have in our reporting capabilities. Many times when running ongoing surveys, we do things like week over week, month over month, quarter over quarter and so on. Have you ever wondered how you can merge the data from two of these identical surveys into one source for analyzing the trends? Continue reading for a step by step overview and walkthrough of how to consolidate data from two or more surveys into one report and export it in excel. We also have included a great video walkthrough from the Survey Analytics Customer Success Team as well!

In Case You Didn't Know...

As always in our feature spotlights, you can click on any of the images in the post to open the step by step instructions in a gallery style presentation view.

To give you a general quick rundown of consolidated reporting, it is a quick and easy way to merge data from two surveys together to analyze any patterns or archive for the future to look back upon. It is great to use for any survey you may have run more than once to combine the two or more data sets into one report.

Please note that in order to run a consolidated report, the two surveys must be identical. If they aren't, the consolidated report will not run correctly. The consolidated report will be available to export in the Excel format as an .xls file. Continue reading to see how to run a consolidated report in Survey Analytics.

To run a consolidated report, first make sure you are on the survey which you wish to consolidate with the data from another survey. After that, click on the Analytics tab (or use the hotkey shortcut "a") and in the left hand navigation under the Analytics & Tabs section, click Consolidate Report. In this instance, I had a survey that I ran six months apart to two separate e-mail lists of leads and I needed to combine the data to report it to my boss for an overview.

If you are just going to consolidate data from one survey, simply click on the survey and run the consolidated report. If you are consolidating data from more than one survey, hold command and click for Mac or control and click for Windows to select more than one survey - and then you may proceed to run the consolidated report.

If you wait momentarily, you will be able to get the excel file shortly after clicking run consolidated report. The exported file will be in the .xls format and include the merged percentages and charts you need to analyze the data. If you want to come back later for the report, it will be available in your Survey Analytics account download center.

If you would rather see this demonstration in the video format, below is a great video that is just under two minutes long from Customer Success Team Member Dan Fleetwood on how to set up consolidated reports in your account today. 

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