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Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Time Wasters

There's nothing wrong with taking a break or two during the workday... it can actually boost your productivity. But beyond the normal lunch break and occasional bathroom breaks, we are actually wasting a lot more time at work than we previously thought. Conscious or not, Americans waste on average 2.09 hours per day in an 8-hour workday! And with the warmer weather coming, we aren't getting any better either. It can be hard to manage your time and use it effectively, especially if you are very busy. But it also doesn't hurt to be a little more conscious of what you are doing during the day and think about where your time is allocated. Check out these infographics with shocking stats on wasting time at work - it might change the way you think about the traditional workday!

#1: Wasting Time @ Work by Tempo
  • Interestingly enough, people with Bachelor's degrees or higher tend to waste more time at work than those with less education.
  • The younger the employee, the more likely they are to slack off. Those born between 1980 and 1985 waste almost 4 times as much time as those born between 1930 and 1949.
  • The top time wasting excuse, at 46%, is cited as a lack of satisfaction at work. 
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Wasting Time @ Work

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#2: How Social Media is Destroying Productivity by
  • In the US alone, 12,207,423,487 collective hours are spent browsing on a social network every day. That's how many hours are spent watching Netflix every year.
  • The average college student spends 3 hours a day checking social media sites, and only spends 2 hours a day studying.
  • Workers are interrupted once every 10.5 minutes by things like IM's, Tweets and Facebook messages. It then takes 23 minutes for those employees to get back on task. This is costing the American economy $650,000,000,000 per year. 
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How Social Media is Destroying Productivity

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#3: Wasting Time & Money by Online Courses
  • The top time-wasting industries are: Insurance, Public Sector (non-education), Research and Development, Education, Software and Internet.
  • The time HR assumes workers are wasting time at work is 0.94 hours. The time HR suspects people are wasting time at work is 1.60 hours. The time admitted by employees that they are wasting time at work is 2.09 hours.  
  • The top 5 time-wasting excuses at work are: Don't have enough work to do, underpaid for amount of work, co-workers distract me, not enough after-work time, and "other".
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Wasting Time & Money

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#4: Top 10 Time Killers (and how to fight back!) by
  • Procrastination is a big issue. 19% of people admit to spending 1-2 hours each day putting things off. 
  • 7 in 10 people spend up to 2 hours per day in meetings. 
  • Three quarters of workers believe that negative emotions such as stress and boredom are the leading contributors to time-wasting.
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Top 10 Time Killers

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#5: Wasted Time in the Workplace by Time Doctor
  • More than 50% of businesses completely prohibit Facebook & Twitter at work.
  • 45% of employers track content using network level software and 43% also monitor email.
  • 28% of employers who have fired workers for email misuse cite the following reasons: violation of policy and excess personal use. 
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Wasted Time in the Workplace

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