Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Data Privacy

Since the dawn of the internet, there has always been some concern over the privacy of our data and implications from misuse. However in recent years, with the rise of social networks, people have been increasingly apprehensive about how their personal information is being shared and used. In this article about the subject, they found that 47% of people are very concerned about online privacy, and 70% of respondents feel that they should have a right to complete online privacy. This is also reflected in our study on social media and data privacy that was completed last summer. We found that millennials are more likely to share their location with friends and family than any other generation. However, they are the least likely to share their location with businesses or employers. For more about our study on millennials and data privacy, read more here.

At the end of the day, data privacy is no joking matter and should not be taken lightly. Since it has been a trending topic lately, we found 5 great infographics on the topic of data privacy and summarized them for you here.

#1: Privacy & Data Management on Mobile Devices by
  • Smartphone owners aged 18-24 and 24-34 are the most likely to clear their browsing or search history.
  • Men are more likely (35%) to uninstall an app due to personal information concerns than women are (24%).
  • 25% of younger users (those aged 18-24) say that their personal data has been accessed by another person in an inappropriate way. This is the most of any age group.
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Privacy & Data Management on Mobile Devices

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#2: Consumer Online Privacy by annalect
  • 91% of all internet users are aware that companies currently track the websites that they visit.
  • Over half of online consumers (51%) feel that they do not know enough about how their information is being used. In fact, 66% feel a lack of control and 57% are worried that their personal information is being shared without their consent. 
  • Ironically, people generally take more actions to protect their privacy computers (32%) than they are on their mobile phones (14%).
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Consumer Online Privacy

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#3: Data Privacy: What the Consumer Really Thinks by Future Foundation and the DMA
  • 53% of consumers are labeled as "Data Pragmatists", meaning that they are willing to exchange reasonable amounts of data with brands for free services or better benefits.
  • 12 out of 15 people accept that disclosure of personal information is "a fact of modern life".
  • 85% of people are "aware or somewhat aware" of the techniques used by companies to track online behavior and preferences.
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Data Privacy

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#4: Online Privacy and Security: Who is Concerned the Most? by AnchorFree and HotSpot Shield
  • The top 5 US cities with the highest use of hotspot shield personal VPN are: Richmond, VA, Springfield, IL, Miami, FL, Columbus, OH, and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
  • The top 5 US cities with the highest cybercrime threat are: Washington D.C., Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Boston.
  • Surprisingly enough, people who work in or travel to Florida cities and US state capitals use VPN a lot more!
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Online Privacy and Security

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#5: How Much Data Does the Internet Hold On You? by WhoIsHostingThis?
  • In 2010 Google admitted to storing email and password information.
  • 50% of iOS apps track your location. Free apps are more than four times more likely to access your contact list.
  • In 2013, the data produced by a typical office worker was 1.8 million megabytes annually.
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How Much Data Does the Internet Hold On You?

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