Product Release: Survey Analytics Version 4.8 Release

We wanted to tell you about a few exciting updates to the Survey Analytics platform, effective June 6, 2014. There have been some new features added to both Survey Analytics and SurveyPocket. Read on to see some of what's new and what we've fixed based on past reported issues.

Survey Analytics Core Features and Enhancements:
  • Weighting and Balancing Percentages in Reporting/Dashboards
  • Importing Flat Files Into a Specified Survey
  • Panel Profiling: European Date Format Now Supported
SurveyPocket Latest Enhancements:
  • Discrete choice conjoint now supported
  • Kiosk timer is no longer coming up more than once 
  • Dynamic explode - all the answer options now display accordingly where as before they showed up as the same label text as the first option's label text
  • Application is no longer crashing for single select question type with other option and dynamic text comments
  • The drop downbox is now functioning correctly on the iPad
  • Panel member profile fields are now functioning properly
  • Matrix question template: Validation is fixed when respondents deselect any of the answer options
  • Conjoint Analysis: Segmentation via custom variables is now available

Watch the YouTube demonstration for Weighting and Balancing Enhancement

This video was made by Survey Analytics Customer Success Manager Dan Fleetwood to show the basics of weighting and balancing enhancement. See how you can view weighted percentages that you set for a particular survey question in the dashboard view and overview report. 

Watch the YouTube demonstration for European Date Format for Panel Profiles

See as Survey Analytics Chief Growth Officer John Johnson walks us through a step-by-step demonstration of how to formate date and birthday fields that adhere to the European formate of date. This is particularly great for our customers serving multilingual panels.

Watch the YouTube demonstration for how to Import External Data into a Survey

Survey Analytics VP of Client Services Esther LaVielle walks us through an explanation of how to import external data into a survey in the Survey Analytics Platform.