Day 5: 5 Perks Employees Have When Working For Your Business

Employee perks may seem trivial, but they can really add a lot to the company culture and overall happiness of employees. Simple things such as casual dress, office games, time off, and unlimited work snacks are all easy things for a company to provide, but the benefits to your employees goes a long way. Being a smaller tech company that has adopted quickly, Survey Analytics offers a lot of perks to our employees for their peace of mind and to avoid burnout. Since we are a relatively small company, we continue to place a large emphasis on the value of our people and strive to treat them well. We know that if you treat your employees well, they will return the favor.

It's nice to see that other companies are catching onto this idea as well. In this article in Forbes about employee perks, we hear about how the Dropbox office has extravagant juice bars, yoga classes, razor scooters, and a relaxation music room for employees. Further in that article, they address the most popular employee perks of 2014. The most popular choices were game rooms, good (free) food, fitness and health programs, time off, company retreats and freebies. While Dropbox may be on one extreme end of the spectrum, the principle of employee benefits remains the same. Offer your employees a few enticing perks, and they will love coming in to work in the morning.

Five perks Survey Analytics employees seem to enjoy and are not costly like many of the above are: 

1. Casual dress and casual office environment

Nicole, Andrew, and Greg getting comfortable on the Survey Analytics couch
2. More vacation and paid time off

3. Flexibility to work from home on occasion

4. Ping pong tables and dart board

Survey Analytics Cincinnati office ping pong table
5. The fact that we consider the world to be flat and we hire talent across the world