Day 25: Review Or Demo a Non-Competitive, But Related Product, That Your Customers May Find Useful

Did you know that up towards 40% of an overall research project budget is spent on acquiring the right sample? If you read our blog often, you may have heard us mention qSample here and there in various industry Q&As and in addition their sample services and how they can help you. Today, we would like to put the spotlight on qSample and how they have been a great partner to us in helping some of our customers acquire the right sample and even some of the most niche sample for their research studies. qSample helps us fill the gaps of pursuing the highest quality of data in various research studies, too. A lot of times we commonly see organizations struggle to get the response rates they were expecting due to a lack of time, understanding or a lack of effort for organically growing and consistently touching base with a panel.

Finding the Right Respondents for Your Surveys

The need to be transparent and show involvement within the community you are trying to access feedback from is becoming more and more important. This is both a good and bad thing for organizations. It’s good because it forces us to refocus on organic growth and not take shortcuts, but it’s bad because – well how do we get people to respond to our surveys? That’s why there are experts out there like qSample to access the respondents you need, and most importantly a targeted group of individuals that are proven representative to make public claims.

We also have integration into our software under the “Send Survey tab” to access their general population or baby boomers panels and get a quote for sample or point in the right direction at anytime! It’s as simple as selecting the survey, selecting the panel you wish to get responses to the survey from, and hitting request a quote. qSample also offers specialty panels for contractors, home owners, voters, college students and gamers.

Online Sample Made Easy

We have put together a great infographic embedded below that spotlights qSample, what their organization does and some of the highly engaged specialty panels they have to offer.

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qSample Infographic

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