Day 23: Show People Using Your Product or Service

Today's Business Blog Challenge is fairly straightforward - it is to show customers using your product or service. Sometimes there is nothing more powerful for customer acquisition than seeing real people using your product in action. There are many different ways to get customers to show their love, but one of the simplest (and cheapest) ways is to show it, don't tell it. The influence of one person on another another person can be very valuable.  That is why today we are showcasing people using our tools in the field.

Below you will see SurveyPocket being used at King's Island, an amusement park in Cincinnati, OH. King's Island is part of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, which is one of the biggest amusement parks in the country. Cedar Fair has been using iPads loaded with SurveyPocket since 2012 to survey guests when they enter the park. It has been working tremendously well for them so far. Throughout the day, they approach guests and ask them a series of questions. At the end of the survey they have the guest opt in and agree to give their feedback to the park. Before SurveyPocket, Cedar Fair was deploying surveys the old-fashioned way, by pencil and paper. Now they have streamlined the process with dashboard accounts so they can visualize the data in real-time. For more on Cedar Fair, go here.

Greg Bender taking a survey on an iPad with SurveySwipe in King's Island

While out with the team grabbing a few drinks and playing darts, we saw someone administering a survey on a Palm Pilot (old school)! Here's a shot of Greg Bender showing her how SurveyPocket works on an iPhone (new school).

Greg Bender showing off SurveyPocket on iPhone
The next two shots are of students at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. They are with OutSmart Flu, the first-ever crowdsourced flu surveillance platform of its kind. Here, they are working at a booth to spread awareness of the white-labeled app that we helped them develop to students and faculty.

Students from the University of Wisconsin - Madison spreading the word about OutSmart Flu
This is a picture of a group of students that are on the OutSmart Flu Street Team! Their mission is to spread the word across campus and keep their community healthy. For more information on OutSmart Flu, check out this post.

OutSmart Flu Street Team Meeting


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