Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Wearable Tech

Wearable technology, as defined, is an article of clothing or accessory that incorporates computer and advanced electronic technologies into the device. While it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, products like Google glass have been gaining a lot of hype and attention in the media lately.

The philosophy behind wearable tech is quite simple. It's that technology is becoming so incorporated into our daily lives that we don't even notice it anymore - it's passive. You don't have to log your exercise anymore, or set an alarm clock, or charge your phone before going out... or even take out your phone to take a picture! Read on to learn about these products and more.

#1: The Rise of Wearable Tech by Get Elastic
  • An estimated 8 million people in the UK already wear some form of wearable tech.
  • 61% of people claimed that their personal efficiency improved by using wearable tech.
  • Fashion designers are jumping on the wearable tech bandwagon and making products like programmable t-shirts and hi-tech dresses!
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The Rise of Wearable Tech

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#2: What's On The Market in Wearable Tech
  • Logbar has created a "smart ring" that lets you do pretty much anything my making gestures with your hands.
  • After productivity, the next most popular use for wearable tech is health & fitness. Sensoria has created smart fabrics that can be work during exercise and communicate with a smartphone app.
  • Everpurse has created a fashionable and tech-savvy purse that charges your phone.
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#3: Wearable Tech - The Next Megatrend by Shot Tracker
  • The number of wearables sold globally nearly tripled between 2011 and 2012.
  • 82% of users believe that wearable tech has enhanced their lives.
  • By 2018, wearable tech is forecasted to account for $19 billion in worldwide spending.
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Wearable Tech the Next Megatrend

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#4: Wearable Tech - The Future of Accessorizing
  • Lumo Lift clips to your shirt via a strong magnet and vibrates when you are slouching.
  • Google Glass allows you to take photos and videos, send texts, and use Google programs with your voice.
  • Ingestible and implantable tech is also on the rise. It would be capable of collecting information about what's going on inside a person's body, although has many privacy implications.
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Wearable Tech the Future of Accessorizing

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#5: Wearable Tech Fashion by Brantano
  • The Subway Navigation Bracelet warns the user of upcoming stations and current location.
  • Assistive Scarf for the visually impaired has ultrasonic sensors that detect objects' proximity and vibrating motors will warn the wearer.
  • Apple Smart Shoes contain sensors that will alert the wearer when the shoe has passed its best.
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Wearable Tech Fashion

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