Survey Analytics Expands to the APAC Region and Welcomes Colin Wong

Survey Analytics has been growing the product quickly and hiring talent across the globe over the past few years. Our President Vivek Bhaskaran and Andrew Jeavons believe that the world is flat, but talent is not and it is in the company's best interest to hire talent across the globe. We would like to make our latest announcement of our expansion to offer our services to the Asia-Pacific region and introduce you to out representative in the area, Colin Wong. Colin brings a lot of experience in the market research industry and has worked in conjunction with some of the biggest annual events in market research. We had the opportunity to have a quick Q&A with him and continue reading to learn more about Colin and his role in Sales and Marketing for Survey Analytics in the APAC region. 

Q1: Tell us a little bit about yourself - education, background?

Colin Wong - Survey Analytics APAC

Colin: I completed my education with The University of Queensland where I studied Hospitality Management and Arts majored in psychology. I come from the hospitality industry with 19 years of experience and over 14 years of management experience. I had a career change almost eight years ago from hospitality to market research. I have worked across several areas in research where it includes fieldwork, panel & online community development, online research, mobile research, data collection, research technology development, social media research and marketing & strategy. 

Q2: What were you up to prior to joining Survey Analytics?

Colin: I am a freelance international conference producer specialised in producing market research conferences. I produce two global series of market research conferences. They are Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) and Qualitative 360 (Qual360). The series of MRMW conferences are the only global market research conference that specialised exclusively in research technology. It hosts between 300-350 delegates in each event and The Qual360 is one of the three international Qualitative research conference focus on qualitative research apart from ESOMAR's yearly qualitative conference and QRCA's bi-yearly conference.

Q3: Tell us about your new role in Sales and Marketing and the expansion to the Asia Pacific region with Survey Analytics.

Colin: I am very excited about this role as it gives me the opportunity to work in the areas of my passion. The Asia Pacific region is exploding with numerous MR opportunities and I believe we have the perfect timing to go in and make our kill. Hence this role is all about bringing in new clients in the region and expanding the presence of Survey Analytics into every corner of the region.

Q4: How do you think your extensive market research background will help you succeed in this position?

Colin: I understand the mentality and needs and wants of the APAC clients. This helps me to determine their strengths and weaknesses thus giving me the opportunities to help them to overcome their challenges in their research needs. It would also help our clients to see us as their internal consultants to help them in building a better business foundation and develop more successful strategies. 

Q5: If you were giving advice to someone in this field, what would you tell them?

Colin: I would advise to continue to focus on research technology in every aspect. We know from current outlook the market research industry is moving further into the area of technology. We can also see the emerging tech coming up strongly in the area of wearable tech.

Q6: Outside of work, what are some of your favorite hobbies or interests?

I used to be quite active in rock climbing and scuba diving but ever since my two Cinderellas have come along I hardly had time to do that anymore. I have a seven month old and three year old
daughters named Calista and Clarice. Most of my time these days are divided between spending time with them, housework and work.


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