Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Creating Awesome Online Communities

There are many different types of communities - in your neighborhood, in your workplace, your school and more. Communities exist everywhere, even online. In fact, social networks are some of the most powerful communities out there.

Using an online community to fuel your business can be very powerful. Savvy businesses are catching onto the idea that in order to stay in constant contact with their customers and prospects, they must foster an engaging online community. This isn't always easy, so we found 5 great infographics about the ins and outs of creating awesome online communities, from the concept, hiring the right community manager, software consultation all the way to things you should avoid. Continue reading to see some great insights and the top 5 infographics we selected this week on creating and making your online communities awesome!

#1: The Community Effect by Column Five
  • 40% of customers resolve their issues in an online community.
  • Companies that differentiate from their competitors with a community-powered customer experience see many more benefits.
  • Your online community "champions" can serve as brand advocates, spreading the word and sharing their wisdom.
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The Community Effect

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#2: Seven Criteria for Hiring Online Community Managers by DNN
  • The right online community manager will be omniscient. That is, they will anything and everything that is going on within their community.
  • They also need to be objective. They should interact with all members in a fair and objective way to avoid favoritism. 
  • Lastly, a good community manager is proactive. They are so on top of the ball that they respond to issues before they even become issues. 
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Hiring Online Community Managers

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#3: Online Engagement: 6 Things to Look For When Choosing an Online Consultation Tool, Infographic by Sustainet Software, Content by Bang The Table
  • Easy moderation and facilitation
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Meaningful reporting to measure performance
  • Content analysis to drill down deeper
  • Technical support and strategic consultation
  • Scalibility and functionality
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Community Engagement by Engagement HQ

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#4: The Many Hats of a Community Manager by Column Five
  • A community manager must be a detective. They must detect customer problems and help solve them before it escalates. 
  • They must also be a cheerleader. A brand's biggest cheerleaders are found in enthusiastic community managers.
  • Finally - an author. Community managers are writing from dusk til dawn. Whether it be blog posts, forum responses, or an announcement on Facebook, they are writing a lot.
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The Many Hats of a Community Manager

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#5: Avoid being a Slacktivist! The Rise of the Slacktivist Infographic by Sortable
  • Yes, they are referring to combining the characteristics of a slacker with an activist!
  • Slacktivist: Doing something in support of an issue or cause that requires minimal personal effort.
  • The term was coined by Dwight Ozard and Fred Clark in 1995
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The Rise of the Slacktivist

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