Data Visualization and Our 2014 Personal Technology Trends Study

Data on it's own is flat, factual and not the most engaging piece of content you can put out there. The answer to how others perceive your data lies within how you analyze it and what story you are telling from it. It may seem like out of nowhere over the past couple of years there are now hundreds of companies offering solutions to help you visualize your data in new and creative ways. Data visualization is nothing new to rave about; but the improvements of how far data visualization has come and how we are starting to implement this as a part of our business certainly is worth raving about. Related from Why is Data Visualization so Hot? Speaking of the companies offering data visualization tools, their mission is to help you as a biologically proven visual learner to analyze different data sets, trends and patterns. They really draw us to think about how we are presenting data found from our research today and moving forward.

This spring with the help of our awesome customer mindsight, we were able to conduct a personal technology trends study to see what technology Americans are interacting with and how they are managing the data and security on their devices. The initial press release of the key findings was featured on CNBC, Yahoo Finance and more. We know that you may interact and learn more from looking at a visual more than just reading the copy. So in the instance of this study and how we are bringing it to life, we decided to not only present the findings in text, but in a presentation that tells the story from the data and also in an infographic (using our favorite tool for infographics, Piktochart). There are also plans to reincorporate this information in a new, interactive animated infographic style video we are currently gearing up and training ourselves on how to produce right now. Continue reading to see the presentation and our infographic from the study embedded below as promised.

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2014 Personal Tech Trends by Survey Analytics and mindsight

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