A New & Improved Tour of Survey Analytics

The past couple weeks have been an eventful time for us here at Survey Analytics. You may have noticed some changes in the look and feel of the software; that's because we've been rolling out many new enhancements across the board. We are now using Bootstrap 3, which makes it much easier to use the tool from mobile devices. With new buttons and icons, collapsable side menu, and a revamped dashboard view, we thought it would be beneficial to guide users through all of the new improvements. We've conveniently provided five short videos that take you on a tour of some of the main tabs in Survey Analytics. Take a look below for the videos and a short recap, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Surveys Tab

The Surveys Tab is the first tab you will see when you log into your Survey Analytics account. This is going to serve as the main page when setting up a survey. On the left hand side you will see the navigation menu where you can create folders for different categories. Under the Main/Default page, you will find Settings. Settings allows you to add users and enter dashboards. The main purpose of this tab is to create surveys, which is the large button on the main page.

Send Survey Tab

The Send Survey Tab is where you will go once your survey is set up and ready for deployment. At the top you see the survey link, which is also customizable. You have the option to send your survey out via email, website intercept, and social media options. Within email, there are a number of ways to send your message or use a email list to reach new participants. For website intercept, we provide the HTML to add to your web page. Before you send a survey, be sure to complete the CAN-SPAM Compliance form.

Mobile Tab

The first thing you will see in the Mobile tab is the device registration page. This is where you can search, filter and add/edit devices. Click Add Device Key to set a name, folder, and add a new mobile device. Kiosk mode allows you to set a timer, use a pin, or add a presentation file. Lastly, we offer the option to manually sync data or FTP sync.

Integration Tab

Under the Integration tab, on the left you will see the full menu options. Import data allows you to upload a document containing data from another tool or source. Translation service allows you to translate your survey into other languages for convenience. Next are the cloud connectors. First is the Salesforce CRM integration, Web Analytics lets you connect your Google Analytics account, RapidFeedback helps you set up a QR Code to represent your survey. You can also set up quota control and survey router options. Lastly, here you can explore API options.

Panels Tab

Under the Panels tab you can create and manage a research community. Click Create New Panel to make a new community. Here you can create the name and heading, email from and name. Notice how the navigation menu can be expanded and collapsed. Under Settings, we can customize a URL, name and heading. You can also completely customize the portal for your panel with HTML. Bulk importing a list of users can be done by uploading an Excel document as well. Once everything is set, go to the Invitations bar and click send. Lastly, you can send reminders and create a profile to better manage your member portal.


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