5 Great Articles on Recruiting People to Join Your Community

There are many different kinds of communities - communities in your workplace, your neighborhood and social networks just to name a few. While they all seem different, they are more similar than you might think. Communities bring people together, and if done correctly, an online community can be an incredibly powerful tool for your brand. Communities encourage participation, foster brand advocates, and bring knowledge together. After all, with no one to "like", comment, and share your content, social marketing is worthless. So we have compiled 5 great articles on tips and tricks for recruiting people to join your online community. Take a look, there are some really helpful ideas in there!

#1: 5 places marketing pros often overlook when recruiting people for online communities, by Vision Critical

#2: 9 Recruiting Strategies to Build an Online Community

#3: 6 Tips for Starting an Online Community

#4: The 6 Top Tips to Building an Online Community

#5: Online Community Building: Common Mistakes & Tips for Success


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