Feature Spotlight: Panel Health Dashboard

Today's feature spotlight is focusing in on one of the newer added values to the Survey Analytics panel management platform. Fine tune your panel or community management strategy using our new and improved panel health dashboard for quick views of trends happening in your community. This dashboard helps you improve your panel management and recruiting strategies and double down on the things that really work. The panel health dashboard was designed with input from our current customers and making their lives easier by helping them have a high level dashboard overview of the most important insights about what's happening with their panel or community. Continue reading to learn where to access the panel health dashboard in your Survey Analytics account, what to expect and how you can begin taking advantage of these insights today.

The panel health dashboard displays real-time and past activity from your panel or community. This quickly accessible information helps you get a pulse on what's happening in your community at any time. There are many values providing intel on engagement levels and easy ways to compare user activities and trends over specific time frames (day, week, month, quarter, six months, year, etc). Access the panel health dashboard under the Panels tab in your Survey Analytics account and then by clicking on Health Dashboard under Analytics on the left hand navigation. From here you can view activity charts, panel member lifetime attrition and participation rates in signup and deployed surveys.

The activity charts accessible in the panel health dashboard help you evaluate and segment activity levels within your panel. The two chart views in the illustration above display activity on signup and survey status time distribution. These charts display an overview of activity levels and how engaged verified community members are from each source. You can also drill down and see activity levels over custom time periods from all sources or an individual selected source to help determine what is working to engage your panel members. 

Using the lifetime attrition chart, you can see an overview of why people have left your community over time. Did they unsubscribe? Bounce? Spam? We will track all of that information for you. You can also filter this to specific time frames to see when and why members dropped off or left to have a better retention strategy moving forward.

One of the highest valuable features in the panel health dashboard is the participation rate charts. You can toggle the view between signup participation and survey participation. Here you can see and visually gauge total verified members who have received a survey invitation and opened/viewed the survey and participation percentages. This area gives you the ability to analyze all of your deployed surveys and their performance over time. Again, this view is available to toggle by specific date ranges and time.

What do you think of the new panel health dashboard? We are looking forward to feedback and learning more of how we can continue to improve our panel tools to provide a better user experience. If you want to learn more about panel management best practices - check out a recent webinar we conducted on "How to Plan and Build a Research Community."

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