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A Day in the Life with Chief Growth Officer John Johnson

John Johnson
We recently caught up with Survey Analytics Chief Growth Officer John Johnson to get the scoop on his role here at Survey Analytics, what a typical day is like for him on the job, and some tips for success that he has gathered over the years.

John's dedication to his job speaks for itself - putting in extra hours and going above and beyond is a normal activity. His favorite part of his job is being able to work with such an awesome team.

Read on to learn more about John, hear some advice to others in the field, and his favorite things about being Chief Growth Officer.

John has a long and happy history with Survey Analytics. In the past he has worn many hats, but when he was approached with the position of Chief Growth Officer he was very excited and accepting of the opportunity. John has a huge affinity for healthy customer relationships, and it shows in the quality of his work. He was very excited about the growth of Survey Analytics as a company, so this position was right up his alley. Day in and day out, John is tasked with the challenge of thinking outside the box of new and unique ways to mature our client relationships and partnerships.

John's dedication to his role as Chief Growth Officer goes way beyond the call of duty. His day starts at about 5AM PST and usually doesn't completely end until around 12AM PST. Despite his long workdays he says, "It's hard to call it work when you enjoy it so much". His team is what gets him going each day. In fact, it's his favorite part of his job. John has had the pleasure of working with an excellent team. They are a group of very motivated, free thinkers, and able to work independently all for the goal of the Team and Customer Success.

When asked to give some advice to someone new in the role, he said to be ready to wear many hats. John is used this; he has to stay on top of all the engines on the company's tracks (marketing, sales, development, etc) and where they are headed in the coming days or weeks. Knowing the objectives of different departments is just the beginning; you must also develop genuine relationships with the heads of these departments. As in any company, there is no way to reach the destination unless we are firing at full speed and are all synchronized.

Over the years John has gathered many tips and tricks for success. At Survey Analytics, "high touch" is what we strive for. This means treating partners like they should be treated. John makes sure not to treat customers like just another number, he gets very involved with each customer daily and remains proactive in the relationship.

Fun fact about John? His favorite restaurant right now is Von's in Seattle. He likes to follow that up with a swanky drink at ZigZag!


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