5 Tweets on Customer Loyalty Programs That Actually Work

Let's be honest, when it comes to customer loyalty programs, some are great at keeping customers excited and in the loop, while others are lacking. That's why we compiled a handy list containing 5 of some of our favorite customer loyalty programs. Some might be considered a non-traditional customer loyalty program (i.e. FourSquare), but we think what they are doing for local businesses is pretty cool and aligns itself with a loyalty program. Take a look at these 5 tweets on customer loyalty programs and don't hesitate to let us know what you think!

#1: Dropbox - refer a friend to Dropbox, you will be rewarded with 1GB of storage space and your friend will get 500MB. Sweet!

#2: Zappos - get upgraded to a Zappos VIP and enjoy the many perks of free overnight shipping, expedited returns, exclusive website and phone number for support, and VIP points and badges that you can redeem for more swag.

#3: Starbucks - drink a lot of coffee? Collect 30 stars (1 beverage = 1 star) within 12 months and get upgraded to a Gold Card. With your Gold status you get a free drink every 12 purchases and special deals. Plus an awesome looking Gold Card!

#4: FourSquare - Check in to local businesses on FourSquare and get rewarded with special offers and deals that are actually worth using. For example, half off appetizers at local pubs!

#5: OpenTable - book your next dinner reservation on OpenTable and start accruing points. When you earn 2,000 points, you will be granted a $20 dining card to use at your will!


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