4 Unique Approaches to Employee Wellness

This week was National Workplace Wellness Week, so we wanted to share some cool and unique ways that organizations have been encouraging wellness for their employees. Check out the 4 tweets below from this week on innovative ways to promote a healthy office space, as well as a shocking stat we found about how much poor employee health can cost each year.

#1: CareerBuilder recently shared an article with 5 affordable and realistic ways to promote wellness within your organization.

#2: GIY (Grow It Yourself) posted a cool article about growing food at work to promote wellness. Google, Yahoo and Diageo have all embraced this trend!

#3: OfficeVibe posted a shocking article about the long-term effects of sitting at your desk and offers a few ways to move more at work.

#4: BlueCross BlueShield Michigan showed us three ways to create a healthier office space, including the optimal desk and chair height for your neck.

Did you know? We discovered that poor employee health isn't just personal, it can lead to $1,900 to $2,250 in lost revenue per employee per year.

How is your company approaching employee wellness? We would love to hear your ideas, insights, or any experience you have had. Leave a comment or Tweet us @SurveyAnalytics


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