Market Research Checklist and Tips for Best Results

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Our Market Research Checklist and Tips for Best Results

  1. You have a well defined objective and know exactly what you want to find out from your research efforts 
  2. You have a sound strategy and channel in place to build, acquire sample or reach your desired target audience 
  3. Use all internal and external resources to pre-recruit, build your own community, or purchase the right sample
  4. You have the appropriate tools to view, analyze and draw conclusions from the data you collect 
  5. Make sure your surveys are user friendly and are optimized for all common used devices (online and mobile) 
  6. Timeline! Research can be a coordinated effort and you want to make sure you reach your delivery date start to end 
  7. Plan for a survey review and not just your eyes-only. Allow team collaboration to double check before deploying. 
  8. Your approach holds value and is part of an ongoing program to learn and tell the right story from your data 
  9. Always over-recruit in case you have to toss out unusable or blank responses to assure high data quality 
  10. Set up an incentives or rewards to thank your respondents and build future research loyalty


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