Feature Spotlight: Automated Text Tagging

In today's Feature Spotlight we are going to highlight on the text tagging tool in Survey Analytics. This can be used to analyze open-ended text responses to help categorize and quantify responses based on predetermined labels that you define. Also known as text analysis clustering or text mining -  this feature can quickly automate text tagging options by setting up your own keywords or tags. Instead of having to go and manually tag options in your open-ended text responses, we will do it for you! This saves time and improves efficiency while analyzing open-ended text responses, especially if you are dealing with a larger number of open-text responses.

This feature is available for all standard open ended question types and dynamic comment logic in the Survey Analytics platform. See the simple steps on how to setup your automated text tagging in a few short moments below or view a live demonstration from Survey Analytics VP of Client Services Esther LaVielle here.

To set this feature up, in your Survey Analytics account go to the Analytics tab, and on the left hand side under Text Analytics, click on Text Analysis. Second, setup your desired tags and then click start auto tagging. Here you can also review and manually edit your tags.

From here, you can select click charts and see overall charts of the items that have been tagged so far along with their associated total counts and tags. There is also a view response count that you can print to use in presentations. It's not much different than our text tagging tool in the past, except for now it's automated for you to spend less time worrying about manual text analysis.

Want to see more feature spotlights or get more overview education on our platform? Leave a comment and tell us what you would like us to highlight in our platform and our team will provide a tutorial similar to this one on the blog. If you are not a current Survey Analytics customer and would like to evaluate our platform, click here for a 7 day free trial and dive right in!


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