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Webinar Q&A: How to Take Your Employee Temperature

We would like to again thank everyone who signed up for our webinar that aired on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 at 2PM Eastern titled "How to Take Your Employee Temperature." 300 business professionals eager to hear more on the employee engagement topic signed up and just over 100 attended the live webinar presentation.

There were many questions from our audience that we did not have the opportunity to answer in the end when we ran out of time. Survey Analytics President Vivek Bhaskaran and CEO Andrew Jeavons took a moment to answer questions we did not have the opportunity to get to. Thanks again to everyone that joined us! If you missed out on this presentation, you can access the replay here.

Q1: Do you think that happiness is a real parameter for work(life)? 

Andrew: Happiness is not always a first priority, but a high quality of work life is important. Managers that make sure employees have the right skill variety, tasks, importance, independence and feedback tend to have more happy teams.

Q2: How do you handle multiple companies on the system? 

Vivek: Good question. The way the system is designed, each company has it’s own separate workspace. The CEO and management team of each company has access to that specified workspace. It’s really easy to manage multiple companies in the platform.

Q3: It seems to be email driven. What if your population has a low activity rate on email, can you use a text as an alternative address? 

Vivek: Yes, my friend from ZipWhip has been telling me that. E-mail is not feasible for all employees – contractors – etc. We have been working closely with John Lauer, CEO at ZipWhip to implement text messaging (SMS) delivery options.

Q4: Is there an option to integrate with social network sites other than LinkedIn? 

Vivek: At this point, we are not planning on integrating with more personal social networks as this is a business driven solution. Having the score on Linkedin can help in terms of recruiting, retention, and give insight into what it’s like to work within the organization.

Q5: Do you track who is not responding for a longer time. E.g. the 30% not responding might be the problem...

Vivek: We obviously track it, if someone has never responded in FlashLet, we will know about it. We can set up customized rules that will create alerts. If no response is given in four or more attempts, we know quickly to have the manager discuss why they are not responding and hear out the issue(s).

Q6: Can you talk a little bit more about the security of the platform? Specifically, data security. 

Andrew: Our main hosting system is a SOC 2 physical level data security center. We are also PCI DSS compliant and we have monthly scans. We also use CloudFlare for web performance and security. We have been in the business of collecting data and all sorts of information about people for a very long time. We currently serve multiple departments in the U.S. government and security has not been an issue with any of our clients to date. We pay very high attention to detail and are just as safe if not safer than any other provider in terms of security.

Q7: How can you gauge if people are being honest? 

Andrew: This comes along with being a more intuitive manager and being receptive to all things employees bring to your attention. Mastering how to read cues from your employees can give you the idea of who is honest and where some changes may need to be made. Do they appear unhappy? Are they smiling as they work? Do you take their suggestions into consideration?


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