What Women Mean to Brands and Business: Now and in The Future

Today we tuned into a webinar titled "From Girls to Women: New Horizons in Market Research" hosted by Dana Stanley, VP of Market Research at FashionPlaytes and Kristin Luck, Founder of Women in Research (WIRe) and President at Decipher, Inc. The webinar was co-presented and begain with Kristin providing an overview of the impact women hold in brands, business and in the market research industry. Dana followed up with some new insights into tween girls and girls that are a part of the tech saavy and always connected Generation Z.  FashionPlaytes also shared how they are engaging with this hard to reach audience by using gamified elements of research both online and through a mobile application. Here are a couple of great insights we gained knowledge around from tuning in to today's webinar.

#1: True Brand Intelligence is Female Informed

  • 83% of consumer purchases are made by women
  • 51% of personal wealth in the US is held by women
  • Women are the primary decision maker for HH purchases
  • Majority of advertising targeted to women is still created by men
  • Female entrepreneurs are 15% more likely to be profitable, yet 50% less likely to get funding
  • Firms with 3 or more women higher up in top positions score higher than their peers
  • Greater diversity breeds more effective and profitable products and services
  • The market research industry suffers a lack of diversity
    • Less than 15% of the US Honomichl 50 companies are run by women (<1% globally)
    • Women in research make on average 20K less than their male counterparts

#2 Mobile Engagement is the Key Moving Forward

Much of Generation Z does not possess their own e-mail address. Those that do have e-mail address do not check them very frequently. As this generation begins to grow their social profile, we need to adapt to their preferred methods of communication. Parents of "FPgirls" are required to give their consent for their tween girls to use the mobile app and for FashionPlaytes to gain higher levels of detail in their research. The connected generation expects a two way dialogue of communication from brands. Generation Z is accustomed to touch, highly opinionated and there is a smaller window than ever before for capturing their attention. It's not just old school research and surveys anymore - it's finding fun ways to engage and letting the voices be heard through mobile and connected channels. 

FashionPlaytes "Club Z"

FashionPlaytes knows their audience well and they know the things they want. Aside from surveys, there are quick polls, forum boards and areas where girls can get tips on style, school, fitting in and more. The FashionPlaytes app will incorporate a unified rewards system that incorporates both research and non-research activities. Some examples of prizes given are back to school fun packs, iPad minis, and last but not least One Direction "1D" goodies. Notifications to take surveys and quick polls are going to be seen throughout the site and through push notifications on the mobile app (currently in development). Kristin Luck capped off the webinar reviewing how important mobile is becoming in market research and if you haven't already - learn how you are going to integrate mobile for 2014.

#3 Tween Girls LOVE Google!

Tween Girls on Facebook?

  • 38% Thats for my parents
  • 18% Love it!
  • 18% Like it
  • 21% Heard of it, but don't know much
  • 6% Don't know anything about it

Tweens and their thoughts on Google

  • 69% Love it
  • 26% Like it
  • 4%  Heard of it, but don't know much
  • 3%  Don't know anything about it

Tween Standpoints on Skype

  • 5% That's for my Parents
  • 30% Love it
  • 23% Like it
  • 21% Heard of it, but don't know much 
  • 22% Don't know anything about it