Feature Spotlight: Automated Reward Fulfillment

In today's feature spotlight we are going to highlight how you can take advantage of automated reward fulfillment. Using this fully integrated and automated service within Survey Analytics you can save a lot of time, resources, money and worries associated with being accurate and timely fulfilling community rewards. The points and rewards work seamlessly providing a "multi-channel" brand experience between both online and mobile communities. This opens up time to focus more on your data and deliver targeted content and draw more accurate conclusions. Why should you use rewards and incentives within a panel or community? Rewards and incentives open the door to two way brand communication. This helps build user engagement, motivate respondents knowing they receive goods for their time - and in the end it builds strong loyalty and retention. Customers enrolled in a loyalty program visit 2x more often and spend 4x more money! Retailers with a loyalty program are on average 88% more profitable than competitors who do not have programs. (Source: Fivestars)

In Survey Analytics, you can set up points and rewards for your community in minutes. If you have a panel/community already created, simply login and use the "p" shortcut or select Panels in the main navigation of Survey Analytics. On the navigation in the left hand side, select points/rewards. Here you can control the point allocations that users will be rewarded with after certain actions. Set point values for signing up, profile completions, referring friends to join the community, using the integrated mobile community application, and the points that will be earned for each instance they give feedback or complete a survey within the community.

Next you get to select the rewards you would like to be available to your community. Select the "Add New Reward" button and you can see the list of integrated rewards within our system. Select as many rewards as you would like, the $ value of each reward and set how many points must be earned to redeem this award. You have the choice to reward your community with popular e- gift cards to amazon.com, Sears, Barnes & Noble, Fandango, Walmart and more!

Next you want to check the availability of the selected reward. If it reads "reward inventory available with vendor," go ahead and select save changes. Your rewards will begin being automatically fulfilled as users earn and redeem points. Survey Analytics will begin to invoice you for the reward amounts when you reach a certain limit. 

In your points and rewards portal you can also view transaction logs, member points and reward stats to verify the amounts you are being charged and monitor community points and redemption activity. You can download reports of member points and reward stats to Excel of view the distribution reports right in your account.

As your community completes their profile, takes surveys and act on other items the points will be tracked and stored in their accounts based on the point values you specified. After earning enough points, your community members can redeem these points for the rewards of their choice. Below is an example of the user experience of reward redemption in the online community portal. 

Rewards can also be redeemed by users through your own mobile community custom application! The online and mobile community platforms communicate and integrate with one another seamlessly and pull all of your data together. We used Opinion It by Mindsight based out of Boulder, CO as an example. Opinion It uses our automatic reward fulfillment to show their large online/mobile community that they are thankful for their input. 

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