Research on Research: Mobile vs. Online

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This research-on-research study by qSample President Rudly Raphael and SVP of MAi Research Bruce McCleary compares how research on Smartphones differs from data collected through general online sources. The white paper presents a study to each group on chewing gum preferences and closes with a recommendation on the usage and appropriateness of mobile research data collected via Smartphones.

Mobile technology is growing fast and revolutionizing the way society communicates in conducting business. Many businesses and organizations all over the world have jumped on the mobile bandwagon and mobile is noticeably here to stay. Traditional advertising from TV, radio and print has been on a steady decline since new digital service platforms have become available.

Although Smartphones are taking off, they do not yet represent the world population as a whole. Many mobile users around the world do not have newer phones, data plans or the ability to participate in research through Smartphones. For instance, only about 60% of mobile phones in the U.S. are Smartphones with data plans. However, being able to access the Internet is nearly universal.

How does the mobile vs. online sample match up in the results?


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