Feature Spotlight: MaxDiff Scaling

Today's Survey Analytics Feature Spotlight is focusing on MaxDiff scaling (AKA Best/Worst Scaling) and the tools offered in Survey Analytics that make it simple to collect preference data. Using MaxDiff scaling in surveys allows you to conclude what the most and least preferred items are. MaxDiff scaling is easier for respondents to answer and is highly preferred over basic rating scales when needing to collect a lot of preference data.

What are the benefits of using MaxDiff Scaling? Using this feature, you gain more quantifiable data and put less fatigue on your survey respondents! Alongside from being user friendly and visually appealing in your survey, you can ask 15-20 sequences of MaxDiff questions and they are simple for the respondent to answer. This is simply because you are asking what is your "most preferred" and "least preferred" from a defined set of values.  MaxDiff preference data is measured on a scale of 100% or a 100 point scale making your data more quantifiable and easier to analyze. What about Reporting? Using Survey Analytics, you can see each end of the preference spectrum in tables and overall percentage numbers in visually appealing pie charts.

Scroll through the presentation below to learn more about MaxDiff Scaling, how you can define the attributes, incorporate images and how to analyze the data you have collected. View a live presentation of a survey with MaxDiff scaling incorporated here: http://surveyanalytics.com/t/ADQIBZNxb5