Feature Spotlight: Simple Branching and Skip Logic Setup

Branching and skip logic is a very important feature when designing a survey. Skip logic is a feature in Survey Analytics that defines what question will display next based on what answer is selected in the current question. This feature creates a custom path through the survey and is defined by the branching and skip logic tules that you set. This creates personalization and tailors the survey questions that appear to the answers your respondents previously selected. Using Survey Analytics, you can easily and quickly setup branching and skip logic to personalize your surveys. Using branching and skip logic also gives you a more narrow and defined data set to further analyze your research.

For example, if you are conducting a survey on married life - it would not make sense to ask these questions to people who are not married. Using branching and skio logic, you can easily set which questions you would like to display next based on if someone selects they are married or not.

To setup branching and skip logic,  add a multiple choice question and define the possible answers. Click the Add/Update Logic button that has an illustrated tree on it.

Next, select branching/skip logic (the first option) and click setup logic to continue to define your skip pattern values.

For each answer value in your multiple choice question, define where you would like to go next if that answer is selected. You can easily see the columns above for reference - (Answer Options and If Selected, Jump to). When you are finished setting the rules, click update branching information.

Survey Example

In support of Survey Analytics being at Drinktec 2013 in Munich, we are taking a survey on caffeinated beverage preferences. This survey has basic branching and skip logic setup based on what you define as your preferred drink (coffee, energy drinks or tea). Each answer selection has a defined set of questions to appear next. Take the survey here.


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