[WEBINAR] How to Collect Passive Data From Smartphone Users

Join Survey Analytics CEO Andrew Jeavons and Director of Marketing Gina Yeagley on Thursday, August 29th, 2013 at 1PM EST/10AM PST for a special presentation on "How to Collect Passive Data from Smartphone Users." Even if you can't make it for the live presentation, sign up anyways and we will send you a copy of the video and slides following the presentation. A replay will also be available right here on this blog post.

What is Passive Data Collection?

Passive data collection runs through a mobile application in the background and with the users consent, it allows you to collect real time and ongoing "surveillance" like information on many variables from smartphone users. This raw data is collected continuously from smartphone users that opt in and agree to participate in the research. This is a great way for panel providers and those conducting any mobile research to take research to the next frontier. Passive data collection gives you accurate facts from smartphone users and the ability to better predict what decisions are made real life scenarios on mobile devices. These variables can help many industries in many different ways to understand how consumers really act.

What Variables Can be Measured?

Accelerometer - Measures vibrations and motions
GPS - Captures approximate location and travel patterns
App Census - See what applications are installed on users phones
App Usage - How often and the amount of time applications are used
Battery Life - View battery levels and view when battery is charging or not charging
Memory - Memory usage from apps, songs, images and more
3G/4G - What type of connection through the mobile network provider
Wifi Connections - If it's connected to wifi or not
Decibel Level - Volume level for playback
Disk Space - Total amount of disk space used on the phone
Gyroscope - Angle and orientation of the phone (portrait or landscape)
IP Address - Phone's internet IP address
Operating System - Tracks phone operating system - i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry
Retina Display - Screen display and resolution
SSID - Service set identifier (cell phone network provider)

Learn Your Consumers Mobile Behaviors

By collecting this passive data, you can begin measuring the behaviors and experience that your mobile panelists experience on a day to day basis. Learn how to make their mobile experience better and how keep your audience coming back through mobile channels. This information opens the door to make new decisions in developing your business mobile strategy, and even shows ways that you can optimize your current mobile application if you have one.

Webinar Overview

  • Passive data collection overview 
  • What variables can be captured from smartphones 
  • Use case scenarios in multiple industries 
  • What about security and privacy? 
  • Business value and decisions made from these metrics 
  • Implementation and reporting overview 

Presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session. Can't make it to the live session? We understand your busy schedule may not allow you to take part - but sign up anyways and we will e-mail you replay following the session for you to watch at your convenience.


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